collage of dmac staff and participants

The Ohio State University’s Department of English and the Digital Media Project are proud to host a week-long institute on the effective use of digital media in college composition classrooms. Participants will explore a range of contemporary digital literacy practices – alphabetic, visual, audio, and multimodal – and apply what they learn to the design of meaningful assignments, syllabi, curricula, and programs.



Among other activities, participants will:

  • design, create, and use web texts, online portfolios, video projects, audio essays, and other digital compositions;
  • experiment with different genres of digital representation (e.g. documentary, literacy autobiography, interview) and primary resources (e.g. letters, photographs, maps, sound recordings);
  • discuss the complex issues of access, equity, agency, and literacy using the perspectives of both theory and practice to unpack these important concepts.

The goal of DMAC is to suggest and encourage innovative rhetorically-based approaches to composing that students and faculty can use as they employ digital media in support of their own educational and professional goals, in light of the specific context at their home institutions and within their varied personal experiences. Knowledgeable staff members will provide individualized assistance and support as participants explore digital media. Instruction will take place in computer classrooms nationally recognized as models of excellence.

All faculty and graduate teacher-scholars are warmly invited to attend, and no previous experience with digital media production and/or scholarship is required.

For more information, explore this site and/or contact us by email at dmac.osu@gmail.com or by snail mail at the following address:

Digital Media and Composition (DMAC)
421 Denney Hall
Department of English
The Ohio State University
164 Annie and John Glenn Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210