What to Eat in Columbus: A Top Ten List

(according to Jacinta)

jacinta yanders headshotJacinta Yanders is a Technology and Instruction Consultant for DMAC 2017, as well as an expert on the local Columbus food scene. Check out some of her recommendations for dining destinations!

So I (Jacinta) love food, and as such, I’ve garnered a bit of a reputation with respect to identifying great places to eat. Admittedly, DMAC is providing a fair amount of food during your time here, but for the other meals, here are some other places that I personally think are worth checking out.


  • Starliner Diner
    • Cuban food
    • In addition to the regular menu, they have specials, and I highly recommend the Azteca Burrito if it’s available.
  • Superchefs
    • Do you love complex pancakes and also superheroes? If so, this is the place for you.
    • Get the pancake platter or the Juggernaut with a side of roasted red pepper grits. Trust me.
  • Katalina’s
    • Most people go for the pancake balls, I think, but I’d make a strong case for the breakfast tacos and sandwiches.
  • Valters
  • Bonifacio


  • Hot Chicken Takeover
    • Nashville-style fried chicken
    • This is the place that if you ask most people here that know me, “Hey, where does Jacinta like to eat in Columbus???” that you’ll hear in response. They combine three things that I love: 1. Fried chicken 2. Increasing spice levels 3. A commitment to the community. I recommend going early, if possible, because they can/do sell out sometimes.
    • What should you get? My go-to is the drumstick meal (the mac-n-cheese is great!) with the Holy spice. If you’re not intensely into heat like I am, I recommend starting no higher than Warm. Bonus: free Sweet Tea, Water, and House Made Ranch.
    • #ThisIsNotAnAd
  • Arepazo
    • Venezuelan and Colombian food
    • So you know how you go to a restaurant and you see so many good things on the menu that you can’t choose? Getting the bandeja paisa here will solve the problem for you. I also recommend an extra side of the spicy sauce.
  • Plantain Café
  • Hoyo’s
  • Creole Kitchen

P.S. This list is deeply skewed in favor of my personal tastes and is not at all comprehensive.

P.P.S. Some of these places are more accessible via the bus than others, but I have a car, and I’m always up for a food adventure if asked…

P.P.P.S. There are some more prominent/well-known/famous spots that you won’t see on this list, but you would likely see listed elsewhere (i.e. Melt, Matt The Millers, The Crest, etc). There’s nothing wrong with any of those places. I just think these places are better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

P.P.P.P.S. I didn’t include the numerous barcades, coffee shops, dessert options, and breweries in Columbus on this list, but I’d be happy to chat about those places as well.