The Cindy and Dickie Selfe DMAC Fellowship

Announcing the 2018 Cindy and Dickie Selfe DMAC Fellowship

The Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC) is proud to announce the Cindy and Dickie Selfe DMAC Fellowship. This newly developed fellowship celebrates our commitment to increasing the diversity of students, teachers, and scholars in the field of digital media and composition studies, and to making it possible for individuals to attend DMAC who could not otherwise participate.  The fellowship is applied toward tuition costs for the Institute.  

To apply for the Cindy and Dickie Selfe DMAC Fellowship, please write a one to two page letter to the DMAC organizers that addresses the following questions:  

  • Why does DMAC interest you?  
  • What personal and professional goals do you hope to achieve by attending DMAC?  
  • How will your participation in DMAC enhance and enrich the experience of other institute participants while you are here?  
  • How might your participation in DMAC enrich the lives of colleagues and students at your home institution and in the field at large?  
  • What means of funding to attend DMAC do you currently have?

Applications for 2018 are now closed.

Any questions should be sent to the Associate Directors at dmac.osu@gmail.com.