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2018 DMAC Staff

Scott L. DeWittScott Lloyd DeWitt is an Associate Professor and Director of Digital Media Studies in the Department of English at The Ohio State University, where he also has served as Director of the Digital Media Project and Director of the First-Year Writing Program. An OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award recipient, DeWitt directed the Battelle Endowment Institute for New Media and Writing Studies in 2004. With H. Lewis Ulman and Cynthia Selfe, he has edited a collection of exhibits from the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives called Stories that Speak to Us. His book Writing Inventions: Identities, Technologies, Pedagogies (SUNY 2002) won the 2003 Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award, and he is currently examining a corpus of 5000+ pieces of student writing for a book called The Optimistic Turn: Authentic Contexts for Peer Review in Composition Instruction. He serves as Director of DMAC.

allenheadshotLaura L. Allen is a PhD student in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy at Ohio State. She is an Associate Director for DMAC 2018 having previously served as the Social Media Specialist for DMAC 2017 and as a participant in DMAC 2016. Her research is concerned with the intersections of digital rhetoric, race, community literacy, and culturally-sustaining pedagogies. She earned her MA at Michigan State University and BA at Spelman College.

Gavin P. JohnsonGavin P. Johnson is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy at Ohio State. He is an Associate Director for DMAC 2018 having previously served as a Technology Consultant for DMAC 2017 and as a participant in DMAC 2016. His research investigates the idea of rhetorical invention as queer possibility in digital and pedagogical spaces. He is particularly concerned with culturally sustaining pedagogies and queer-feminist approaches to research methodology. Gavin is the winner of the 2017 CCCC Gloria Anzaldúa Rhetorician Award, a national award recognizing scholars whose research “participates in the making of meaning out of sexual and gender minority experiences.” He earned his MA at North Carolina State University and his BA at Nicholls State University.

jonathan buehl headshotJonathan Buehl is Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy in the OSU Department of English. He researches and teaches courses on technical writing, technical editing, scientific writing, and research methods. He is the author of Assembling Arguments: Multimodal Rhetoric and Scientific Discourse and the co-editor of Science and the Internet: Communicating Knowledge in a Digital Age. His essays have appeared in College Composition and Communication and Technical Communication Quarterly.  He is part of the DMAC Faculty Team.

John Jones is an Associate Professor in the Department of English at The Ohio State University. His primary research areas are digital rhetoric and writing, digital culture, and professional and technical communication. In his research, John has investigated the revision practices of Wikipedia editors, community formation on Twitter, and the influence of network structures on writing and persuasion. He is currently working on a number of projects exploring the effects of computational processes on writing and rhetoric as they relate to wearable devices and digital culture. From 2009–2017 John was a featured contributor to where he wrote about education, digital literacy, and writing. He is part of the DMAC Faculty Team.

Susan M. Lang is Director of the Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing and Associate Professor at The Ohio State University. Her research interests include big data as it applies to teaching and assessment, writing program administration, technical editing, and social media integration. Publications have appeared in CCC, JTWC, WPA Journal, Computers and Composition, College English, Technical Communication, and various edited collections. She is part of the DMAC Faculty Team.

ben mccorkle headshotBen McCorkle is Associate Professor and teaches courses in composition, rhetoric, literary publishing, and digital media studies primarily on The Ohio State University’s Marion campus. He is the author of the book Rhetorical Delivery as Technological Discourse: A Cross-Historical Study, as well as several articles in publications including Computers and Composition Online, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, and Composition Studies. He also serves as the co-director of the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN). He is part of the DMAC Faculty Team.

margaret price headshotMargaret Price is Associate Professor and Director of Disability Studies at OSU. Her research interests within rhetoric and composition include discourse analysis, disability studies, and digital composition. Her book Mad at School: Rhetorics of Mental Disability and Academic Life was published by University of Michigan Press in 2011. Price also publishes scholarly articles, creative essays, fiction, and poetry in venues including College Composition and Communication, Profession, Disability Studies Quarterly, Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, and Ms. magazine. Recent achievements include being inducted into the Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame in 2017 and, with Christa Teston and John Jones, was awarded a Humanities Without Walls grant to foster collaboration among communities in disability, medicine, and rhetorical studies. She is part of the DMAC Faculty Team.

lauren squires headshotLauren Squires is an Associate Professor in the OSU Department of English. A linguist, she conducts research on English language variation, sociolinguistic perception, and language and media. Lauren has published articles in Language in Society; Journal of Sociolinguistics; Language, Cognition, and Neuroscience; American Speech; Journal of English Linguistics; Journal of Linguistic Anthropology; and Discourse, Context, & Media. Her book chapters also appear in several edited volumes. She serves on the editorial boards of Discourse, Context, & Media and the Language and Computers book series (Brill) , and she is the Book Review Editor for Language. She is part of the DMAC Faculty Team.

christa teston headshotChrista Teston is Associate Professor and Director of Business and Technical Writing in the OSU Department of English. She studies material-discursive methods for navigating uncertainty. To do this, she analyzes written, visual, statistical, and other embodied tactics for manufacturing evidence in technoscientific and biomedical domains. Christa also directs the department’s business and technical writing program while teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in rhetorics of science and medicine, rhetoric and community service, and digital media. Her monograph, Bodies in Flux: Scientific Methods for Negotiating Medical Uncertainty, is available from University of Chicago Press. With Wendy Hesford and Barbara Biesecker, she co-edits the “New Directions in Rhetoric and Materiality” book series at The Ohio State University Press. She is part of the DMAC Faculty Team.

amy spears headshotAmy Spears has been the Manager of the Digital Media Project in the Department of English at OSU since 2007. Prior to that she combined her tech skills and her English and film production degree as a web communications specialist and a User Interface specialist for several organizations. She has also served as Vice President of the board of directors of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association for the past 2 years, and has been involved with growing the sport of roller derby for over a decade. She is the Manager of OSU’s Digital Media Project (DMP).

Nicole M. Pizarro Colón is a PhD student in the English Department at The Ohio State University. Her primary focus is in film and adaptation studies. Her interest in digital media and composing comes from a desire to find out ways in which film can be implemented in the ESL classroom. She is also interested in finding ways to bridge adaptation studies and composition. If you’re interested in having a conversation about the latest film adaptation or how amazing her hair is, she’d be more than happy to talk with you. Nicole serves as a Technology Consultant at DMAC 2018 having previously attended DMAC as a participant.

brittany previte headshotBrittany Previte is an MA/PhD student in Rhetoric, Composition and Literacy at The Ohio State University. Her areas of research are composition pedagogies, digital media and writing center studies. She is particularly interested in multimodality and how it can be used to enrich both the classroom and the writing center. This past semester she has been excited to be a part of the Digital Flagship project at OSU, trying out new ways of teaching and learning with iPads alongside her students. Brittany serves as a Technology Consultant at DMAC 2018 having previously attended DMAC as a participant.

Jacinta YandersJacinta Yanders is a PhD candidate in the Department of English at OSU. She primarily researches mediated representations as well as contemporary media trends. Jacinta is currently working on her dissertation, which examines the narrative impact and audience reception of television reimaginings in which elements of a character’s identity are changed from the original text. Jacinta has previously presented research on topics such as the intertwining of television and social media, representations of the Black Lives Matter Movement and police brutality on television, and the reconfiguration of the Syfy network as a potential space for progressive representations. More recently, her chapter “Building and Breaking an Antihero: The Rise of Sonny Corinthos” was published in the book Hero or Villain?: Essays on Dark Protagonists of Television, and her essay “Interactions, Emotions, and Earpers: Wynonna Earp, the Best Fandom Ever” appears in the March 2018 issue of Transformative Works and Cultures. Classes Jacinta has taught at OSU include First Year Writing, Introduction to Film, Digital Media Composing, and Documentary in the U.S. Experience. Jacinta serves as a Social Media Specialist at DMAC 2018 having previously been involved with DMAC as a Technology Consultant and participant.